Welcome to Cedar Ridge Research.


Cedar Ridge Research® is a niche technology invention, innovation, and incubator company that provides a platform to research, develop, protect, and launch challenging technologies that can make an impact. We have a proven track record of developing world-changing innovative solutions to challenging problems across multidisciplinary technology areas. We have extensive experience in basic research, patent portfolio development and management, technology licensing, product launches, and creating startup companies.   We employ a structured innovation and incubation model designed to shorten the R&D lifecycle and fast track intellectual property development while mitigating risks and maximizing return on investment.  We use this model as part of the development of our own patent portfolio and to provide exceptional services and value to our customers wanting to take their own ideas from concept to revenue.




We have a diverse intellectual property portfolio that includes exciting new technologies that provide solutions to significant problems and which have substantial revenue generation potential, such as:



We provide our clients services based upon our innovation and incubation model which provides the analysis and research needed to support investment decisions and mitigate risks.  Our services include:

  • Research and Development to determine and develop technologies that solve significant problems
  • IP Value Development provides prior art review, technical analysis, and strategic business planning to support decisions of whether to seek patent protection and take an idea forward towards revenue
  • Proof-of-Concept efforts test the fundamental aspects of an inventive idea to determine its validity
  • Prototype Development demonstrates the functionality and performance of an invention and indicates its value
  • Patenting Support optimizes time and effort of the inventor and the attorney during the patenting process
  • Licensing Support assists in planning and execution of a licensing program tailored to needs of a client
  • Business Development assists in analysis, plans, strategies, and business models
  • Contract Negotiation support of client and attorney from terms of an agreement to a finalized contract